Bali Online STEAM Camp with Study Bali International

Bali Online STEAM Camp

This summer SBI's Bali online STEAM camp will replace the Global English Camp and our commitment is to follow STEAM concepts as we bring Bali into your home! 

SBI's Global English 'STEAM' camp is an amazing mix of fun and learning for children from all around the world and in summer 2020 the SBI team will bring this to you online!

Our July 2020 camp will be an interactive tour of Bali and the aim of the camp is to bring Bali into each child's home while introducing new language and providing opportunities for children to practice their English while at the same time acquiring additional skills. A camera crew will follow SBI instructors in Bali as we present live from locations such as Bali Zoo, Bali Bird park, Balitopia Butterfly garden as well as bring you learning sessions from SBI's tropical learning resort in Sanur. 

The camp will be delivered over 10 days (Monday to Friday) and the first session of each day will be an introduction of target language, skills and task presentation before kids go offline to work on their project.

Daily lessons will be delivered in the following format:

Session 1: 40 minute presentation and language/skills input from SBI instructors

Session 2: 60 minute offline self study session.

Session 3: 40 minute project presentation and language review

Online class groups will be limited to a maximum of 6 children and kids are required to take an English speaking and comprehension placement test before the camp. The camp will be for children 8 years to 15 years of age and with English language ability the primary requirement for class group placement - this will ensure maximum effectiveness of each nnline learning session.

The 2020 SBI Global English STEAM camp is a unique mix of documentary and interactive learning which aims to entertain children by bringing Bali into their home and at the same time introduce and practice new language and skills through meaningful activities.

We invite you to join us on an interactive learning tour of Bali and to visit the island of the Gods online this summer!

Bali Online STEAM Camp with Study Bali International

Bali Online STEAM CAMP

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