Bespoke Language Camps with Study Bali International

Bespoke Language Camps

SBI specializes in hosting study groups from around the world and our team of academic and service leaders is experienced in designing bespoke study camps for children, family and adult learning groups. SBI bespoke language camps can be arranged for small groups of family and friends as well as for large organisations.

Language camp academic content can range from English STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) lessons for children and teenagers, General English and Conversation classes and IELTS or TOEIC preparation for adult learners. Our approach to language learning ensures that our guests can feel comfortable upgrading their English in a relaxed learning environment with experienced and qualified native speakers and/or local instructors. 

SBI's bespoke language camps are fully-inclusive of accommodation, transport, meals, leisure and training content and all aspects can be customized to meet group requirements - simply tell us when and what and our team will put together a learning journey for you. A quotation for your camp will be provided after we have consulted with your group leader on all requirements. 

SBI's bespoke language camps allow learners to base themselves in an environment where they can feel comfortable and to learn and experience new things. The SBI team is here to guide you through the adventure with trained instructors and experienced staff and much of the English language learning is done through ‘learning by doing’

If you are looking for a 'Study in paradise' Learning alternative, please contact us at and tell us about your group's study requirements. 

All inquiries from France should be directed to SBI's partner organization, Nacel, at:   Nacel will manage your enquiry and ensure that full details are given about studying in Bali

Toute demande provenant de France et/ou d’une personne française devrait être redirigée vers l’organisme partenaire de SBI : Nacel sur l’adresse email suivante : Nacel traitera votre demande et s’assurera de vous donner toutes les informations nécessaires pour votre projet d’études à Bali.

Students can also book directly online with Nacel via the following link.

Bespoke Language Camps with Study Bali International


Bespoke Language Camp Requirements: 

  • Minimum 6 participants per learning group 
  • Minimum 5 days activity 
  • Private travel insurance 
  • update to date COVID-19 vaccination 
  • Language training
  • Accommodation
  • Leisure activities
  • Meals
  • Transport
  • VISA, Insurance, Flights


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