Study in Bali - Bali on the Rise

  • Andy McCabe
  • May 27, 2019

Ambitious people from all over the globe who have an eye towards the future are increasingly looking to Asia rather than the West for the development of crucial English language skills. These savvy students possess a keen awareness of the global market forces that are making fluency in the English language a necessity to compete in the modern, global marketplace.

For quite some time, the Western hemisphere, with English speaking economic and educational hubs such as the UK and the USA, has been the most enticing option for those seeking to improve their English fluency; however, recently, places like Cebu in the Philippines have become prominent centers of English language education.

The primary catalyst for the emergence of Asia-based learning centers in the global ESL marketplace is the availability of services comparable to those found in the West for a fraction of the price. Thrifty students who see English as a crucial element of their skill sets are turning towards English learning hubs in Asia, such as Cebu, more and more frequently as the value of such locales becomes increasingly evident.

Cebu is the pioneer of the English language learning hubs in Asia, as it offers cheap accommodation and services along with quality teachers and an immersive English environment. Students from across the globe have flocked to Cebu to sharpen their skills at a discounted rate, and to enjoy the beach during their downtime away from class. However, we at Study Bali International (SBI) believe that there is a new destination on the rise, one that rivals and even outclasses Cebu in terms of holistic value and the ability to offer a complete package. Bali is an English learning center on the rise, and we believe that it is in fact a superior destination to Cebu for those who are looking for the best value while improving their skills.

We believe Bali is the ideal place for learning English, and here at SBI we offer top market services at rates comparable to those found in cities like Cebu. Bali is an incredible island, and, like Cebu, the standard of English on the island is high as most of the residents speak at least some English. In addition, tourist hubs such as Kuta, Seminyak, and Canggu offer an immersive English experience where students will find abundant opportunities to practice their newfound English language skills with speakers from all corners of the anglophone world.

In terms of an immersive English experience, quality of courses and teachers, and economics, Bali is on par with or even superior to favored destinations like Cebu. SBI offers top notch English language training for all types of students. From global English classes tailored to specific levels designed to incrementally and effectively improve fluency, to IELTS preparation courses that ensure student readiness for crucial exams that serve as gateways to top notch universities and jobs around the Globe, as well as custom courses of all types; SBI offers all that one could desire from an educational standpoint at a rate that rivals any destination. If you’re looking for the best value, know that Bali is unmatched in the immersive English language learning experience it offers to its guests.

Where Bali really separates itself from destinations such as Cebu is in terms of the complete experience. Cebu is a beautiful place; however, it is no match for the sheer diversity and quality of activities of all types offered in Bali. In Cebu, apart from the beaches, recreational activities are relatively sparse, with the most popular trips being centered around visiting waterfalls that require a lengthy drive to the southern part of the island. In addition, many of the best experiences in Cebu entail a trip to other islands surrounding the area.

This is not the case in Bali, which offers multitudinous recreational outlets, all on the same island. From surfing incredible waves, to visiting lush tropical monkey forests, stunning rice terraces, and jaw dropping limestone cliffs-Bali is on a different level in terms of beauty and variety. During your time away from class you can easily visit a world class beach, go on a safari, shop at a cosmopolitan mall, and dine at a 5 star restaurant all in the same day. However, the fun is not limited to those with a boundless budget.

Bali offers the complete package for every type of financial profile. So if you’re looking to treat yourself, there is no shortage of opportunity for 5 star experiences; however, those on a budget won’t have to strain to soak in the splendor of Balinese sunshine without breaking the bank. The local Indonesian cuisine is exquisite and cheap. Travel and accommodation prices make it simple to save cash while traversing huge swaths of the island, soaking up the unique culture and physical beauty for which Bali is renowned.

In sum, there is a new English language-learning powerhouse that is on the rise. Bali is a world-class destination for English language acquisition, outdoor recreational activities, and transformative cultural experiences in a beautiful tropical locale. Join us now at SBI before the word is out, and while the value is still at its peak.

We at SBI are proud to offer the best English language services along with unmatched accommodation and recreation on the beautiful island of Bali. We look forward to tailoring our services to your needs, and we hope to see you soon on the beautiful island of Bali!

Bali is a world-class destination for English language acquisition, outdoor recreational activities, and transformative cultural experiences in a beautiful tropical locale.

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