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  • Luke Preece
  • May 22, 2019

Study Bali International (SBI) offers language services unique among similar providers in that our corporate language training focuses on both English and Mandarin language acquisition – we believe this gives our clients an atypical opportunity to enrich the skills of their employees. Essentially we believe language skills should be taught in a manner which addresses each student’s needs in the broadest manner possible. Within the context of a specific industry and/or job role, this allows us to develop and deliver training courses that are tailored to best meet the needs of our clients and their employees.

Our academic framework allows us to focus on the skills and language that should be covered at different stages of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and to work with companies to achieve English and Mandarin proficiency targets for their employees.

English and Mandarin are the two most dominant foreign languages on the island of Bali and increasingly there is burgeoning demand for employees to have at least basic communication skills in these two languages. Through training that focuses on teaching language skills specifically based on the needs of each of client, our teachers can focus on helping students gain the basic language proficiency required to correspond effectively with guests from the foreign markets that fuel Bali’s tourism industry.

SBI also provides our clients with the flexibility to decide between online or in-house delivery or a blend of the two. This approach allows SBI to reach companies all over the world and for organizations in distance locations to make English learning accessible to more staff.

We teach in a variety of sectors including:

●     Hotels

●     Tours and travel

●     Restaurants and catering

●     Medical

●     Airport

●     Banking

●     Government Agencies

●     Schools and Universities

Corporate Training for Overseas Clients 

SBI also host employees from offshore companies for intensive English upgrades in Bali and this is a great way for companies to upgrade their employees in a safe, affordable and desirable location. Bali serves as an excellent alternative learning destination for companies that currently upgrade their employees English in places such as Cebu in the Philippines or Singapore.

​We expect to see more and more organizations select Bali as destination for their staff and look forward to working together with foreign companies to establish and achieve proficiency development targets for their employees.


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