Wan Xinglan / Lancy


"At SBI everyone is friendly and the teachers are very patient. We have classes with Japanese students and conversation classes with Indonesian friends. I love it here!"



"I had a good experience in this school. The teachers were so friendly and the classes were in small groups which made it really easy to understand. I want to come back to Bali again"



"The staff and teachers were very friendly, nice and helpful. It didn’t feel like we were at a normal English school – instead we were learning with new English speaker friends. We really enjoyed being here, and also Bali is such an amazing place. So thank you!"



"I need to improve my English conversation and I got the best teachers - I will miss them. The classes have been really interesting and funny, and it's the best way to learn English. I would recommend SBI to anyone"



"I studied in private and group classes. Both were great - in private classes, I could communicate one-on-one with a native English teacher and in group classes, I had the chance to meet local people and improve my conversation skills. When you study at Study Bali International, you can see a lot of things around Bali - thank you for this amazing experience."



"I wanted to come to Bali because my friends said bali is very beautiful, I want to study English at SBI so I can speak with a lot of people from many country. I like SBI because friendly staff and also my classmate Lancy and Juno from China. Now I have lot of friends and I want to come back again, Thank you!"

Virginia Entizne | Business Director at Cuca Restaurant


"Our experience for the last 6 months with Study Bali International teaching English to our team couldn’t be better. They are professional, flexible and reliable. Teachers are knowledgeable, friendly and motivate the students to use the language. We look forward to continuing seeing everyone in Cuca get better one course at a time"



"My name is Yan and I often come to Bali. I joined SBI and studied English and Surfing - the teachers are so patient and I appreciate the services given by SBI."



"SBI's summer camp is very rich, and the teachers are very professional and patient. It is very suitable for children and parents to attend."



"We had so many wonderful experiences on the Bali Holiday English Camp and our students improved their English, learned to surf and made new friends. Thanks Study Bali International.​"

Holiday English Camp 2018


"To be honest, before I came here, I felt uneasy and worried because this was my first time visiting Bali. After experiencing these seven days, I will definitely come again! The children had three hours a day of study while the mothers did yoga, cooking class, surfing and also trips to the spa. It was very enjoyable!"