Leisure and Excursion

Study Bali International provides easy access to leisure and cultural experiences that allow international students to enjoy the true essence of Bali. Our list of activities have been adjusted to best suit our students and offer a unique study and holiday experience on the island of Bali.

Bali Bird Park Tour

Let our team show you the avian wonders of Bali bird park guide you in the learning of new vocabulary and a range of exotic bird species. Located in Gianyar which is about 1 hour from our campus Bali Bird park is a perfect half day outing for students and parents and is stop on most of SBI's Study Camps.

Surfing Lessons

Bali is a surfing mecca and one of the best places to learn to surf. Our surfing lessons are based at the beginner friendly Jimbaran beach and this is the ideal place to introduce our students to the world of surfing.

After two days of surfing most students can confidently stand and ride the waves and begin to feel more and more comfortable in the ocean. This is a perfect experience for students who are looking to experience the world of surfing and to take home a very special memory and a new skill.

Traditional Balinese Village

Bali's unique culture is best experienced through visiting a traditional village and learning about Balinese culture from the locals. SBI's traditional Balinese village tour sees SBI guests receive a traditional village welcome, enjoy a Balinese music performance, learn to make their own prayer offerings and enjoy a traditional Balinese feast.

Bedugul Mountain Tour

Bali mountains provide a refreshing break from the busy beach side environment of the south part of the island and SBI guests can take in the majestic beauty of the three lakes, tour the famous botanical gardens and enjoy lunch in a beautiful garden setting.

Dreamland Beach and Uluwatu Evening Dance

Enjoy a late lunch and then a visit to the famous Dreamland beach where kids and parents splash in the wild waves of the Indian ocean. Dreamland is an essential stop for most visitors to Bali and the outing in combined with a late afternoon visit to Uluwatu Temple to visit to view the famous Kecak Dance on the cliffs of Uluwatu.

Sanur Beach Front Cycling

If all of the studying and eating gets too much a perfect way to work off the kilos is to take a bicycle ride along the beach at Sanur. This activity allows SBI guests to get some exercise, take in the view and then perhaps stop from time to time to shop at one of the many souvenir stands selling local handicrafts.

Balinese Dance Experience

Learn about Balinese movements, dress in traditional Balinese costume and practice the art of traditional Balinese dance. Guests are led by an experienced Balinese dance instructor and perform traditional dances right on the Sanur beach front.

Beach Front Yoga Experience

Enjoy a yoga class on the Sanur beach front and stay fit while on holiday in Bali. SBI guests are led through yoga sessions by an experienced yoga instructor and classes are suitable for beginner and intermediate students.

Balinese Cooking Class

​Bali is famous for its culinary delights and what better way to enjoy Bali than becoming a Balinese Master Chef! SBI arranges 3 hour cooking classes with an experienced Balinese chef who guides guests through the art of preparing, cooking and serving a selection of Balinese dishes. This is a great activity for any parents whose children are busy studying during the day.