About Us


SBI was founded as an agency in 2016 to provide support services for international students visiting Bali and was formally launched as an independent language school in June 2017. Our founders are Australian and Indonesian education and hospitality professionals who are focused on ensuring high quality and impactful ‘study in paradise’ experiences for our international guest students. 

SBI’s main area of business focus is the delivery of all-inclusive study camps for families and young students and these take the form of our Global English Camps which run each January/February and July/August. SBI also delivers intensive language training courses to visiting adult students who are seeking to base themselves in Bali for English language upgrades. 

In mid-2018 SBI opened an online teaching center and since that time we have grown to become a leading online teaching agency which delivers courses to offshore schools and private students and maintains a global network of teachers. 



MISSION: Study Bali International aims to provide a diverse range of children and adult language teaching services (online and offline) and to attract international students to our South East Asian Global English Camp venues for all-inclusive language study holiday programmes. 

VISION: To be the premier language training provider on the island of Bali and to work in partnership with like-minded organizations and venues to develop Bali into a leading regional and international destination for language learners. Our vision also extends to being a market leader in the delivery of family-friendly holiday English Camps in Bali and other select Southeast Asian locales.