SBI's Culture and Ecology camps are designed for kids with a high level of English and the primary objective of these camps is to educate children about the local culture and ecology of the host location environment.

Equally important is the enjoyment and fun factor for kids and the SBI team works to ensure that kids are stimulated at all times. 

Culture and Ecology camps are designed for children aged 5 years to 11 years and class groups are limited to a maximum of 9 students per learning group. 

Class sessions are highly engaging with students taking part in exploration sessions, philosophical discussions and STEAM activities as SBI teachers aim to develop core skills and values such as: 

  • Collaboration
  • Creativity 
  • Curiosity 
  • Respect   
  • Awareness of the natural world   

Culture and Ecology camps are highly mobile and each day there is an outing that allows students to have fun as well as to explore the location and learn more about the local culture and environment.

Outings on these camps include the following: 


Turtle Release Coral Reef Planting
Surfing Lessons  Snorkeling and exploring the ocean below
Animal Sanctuary visits Exploration of tidal zones
Visits to cultural sites Pool Party


These camps are specially designed for children and accompanying parents and mums and dads can relax in host resorts, explore the local environment and join in with the pre-planned camp activities for parents.  

SBI's Culture and Ecology Camps are held in Bali and Phuket and groups can request private camps at alternative locations in the region.